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Yes they love lesbians but also the sex of a man


He goes out with a girl half bi. With her, husband voyeur being discovered every day, today he does not expect the gift that will make him. He thought he was alone with her tonight but one of her girlfriends accompanying initially disappointed, he did not think after that was given. His fiancée begins to undress, strip it already just by looking and she remembers. Yet this is not just to him but she is to her friend that she is going. They begin to kiss and paw. Almost naked, wearing just their super sexy fine lingerie that showcases their beautiful curves, they embrace, their tongues run on their shiny nipples, stroking sex woman. His dick is so hard it almost hurts him, they approach, kneel before him and begins to caress each turn, they lick, sometimes both at the same time, one on its pole and the other on his balls, the excitement was at its height for him when the beautiful guest encompassed its tail long and hard between her huge breasts to masturbate, his partner does the same, a double tit. They do not continue their long fellatio because it was not long to unload his juice on their faces that the two goddesses lesbians are going to exchange blows of languages ​​without missing a drop …

Date: April 17, 2020

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