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The chef’s cooking a sow


The farmer’s wife comes to visit the big cook for dinner. Together, they clink glasses and are glutted. They are both good living and are obsessed with sex and good food, making them fully compatible. He is fervent in abundance and she knows how to please a man … Once well fed, well drunk, they are ready to play for real. The fat lady takes off her clothes and releases the tail of the cook. He wad in the face of huge tits farm while she wanks like a raging. He really wanted to shove it in drool. The vodka flows freely and is bandaged like a horse. It seeks by all means, in the folds of the ogress, a port in which to wallow. He eventually found and activated hard in the ass of her mistress in a trance. Motion across it and cook the bounces on his pelvis at every stroke of the tail. The scene is so naughty that like two animals mate semen squirt out soon … and the fat lady will have her dessert!

Date: April 30, 2020

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