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A new prey for his harem


This type has been a sort of small sect brilliant! In good evil, he met two bombs vicious brown well, and now welcomes a new recruit who would bend one dead on the spot. As tradition dictates, the first slave who will prepare the bitch to treatment of the master. And put your heart at work … Compressed into his tight corset, armed with a whip, handcuffs, dildos big it grows deep in the throat of the new, this brunette slut is excitement. She bursts through the mouth of the doll, it expands the openings, makes her moan with hands locked behind his back … The girl is completely available now, and that is where the teacher comes in. The first slave motion between his feet, sucks … Once his rod is drawn up, it launches the new and punches him violently by the throat. He is drooling like a bitch and then place the handle at the entrance to his anus: It will not make a mouthful. The two other slaves get excited like crazy on seeing the good news be pounding buttocks and shove dildos in their mouths. What a great welcoming ceremony!

Date: April 30, 2020

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